Death Wish
 Combo Cut
User friendly, clear to raspy yelps, cutts and
cackles. Realistic clucks and purrs. You can hammer on this call or tone it down


3 Reed  Bat Wing
Great for realistic clucks & purrs. 
Awesome yelps and can hammer out 
some cutts and cackles


Reaper 3 Reed V Cut Great for the beginner or experienced caller. Very user friendly. Cutts and Cackles with the best $8.50

3 Reed Reverse Combo

cutts and cackles like a champ.
Yelps like a dream. Clear front end to raspy
backside. Clucks and purrs with the best of 'em


Fatal Persuasion
2 1/2 Reed Ghost Cut 
Realistic kee kees, Awesome clucks, purrs and feed whines. Great yelps, clear on front end and roll over to a good hen rasp.
  Takes very little air pressure to run




3 Reed Bat wing with a lighter top reed
realistice yelps and great purrs
good for a soft yelp early morning 

3 Reed Combo Cut
 different kind of combo cut
very clean front end to a nice roll
over on the back end, cuts really
sharp, great purrs and see kees

3 Reed Call
very realistic hen yelps
Awesome purrs and whimpers
This call can do it all and
very easy to use.

3 Reed Ghost Cut
Realistic kee kee, awesome soft yelps, purrs and whimpers. Can also get raspy in the back
end for the boss hen.
Very little air pressure, easy to run

3 Reed
 heavier top
for throatier rasp
This call can also tome down
for realistic yelps and cuts

This call cuts really good,
has a lot of rasp,
Awesome for fly downs
and windy days

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